Former & Current Clients

Professional Athletes

  • Aaron Anderson
    North Dakota, Playing Professionally in Australia
  • Nate Wolters
    South Dakota State, Former Milwaukee Buck, Playing Professionally in Turkey
  • Sam Dower
    Gonzaga, Playing Professionally in Latvia
  • Korie Lucious
    Michigan State/Iowa State - Playing Professionally in Poland
  • Kelley Olynk
    Gonzaga, Boston Celtics
  • Durrell Summers
    Michigan State, Playing Professionally in Mexico
  • Kalin Lucas
    Michigan State, Playing Professionally in Turkey
  • Trent Lockett
    Arizona State, Marquette, Former Sacaremto King, Playing professional in Russia

College Athletes

Sacar Anim - University of Marquette
J.T. Gibson - Nebraska Omaha (2015 Minnesota Mr Basketball)
Jordan Poydras - Saint Cloud State/Utah Valley University
Chris Olson - Moorhead State University
Kevin Levandoski - Saint Cloud State University
Matthew Craggs - Saint Cloud State University
Marty Hill- Evensville University
Terez VanPelt - Concordia University, St. Paul
Jerome Dixon - Dakota County
Brindley Theisen - Saint Cloud State University
Betsy MacDonald - Saint Cloud State University
Emma Konopasek - Saint Cloud State University
Emily Pratt - Saint Cloud State University
Whitney Olson - Saint Cloud State University
Mckinley Wright – University of Colorado (2017 Minnesota Mr Basketball)
Race Thomson - Indian University
Theo John – University of Marquette
Brad Davidson – University of Wisconsin
Marty Hill – University of Evansville
Teetee Starks – University of Arizona
Jolene Daninger – Depaul University
Chris Olson - Upper Iowa
Ryan Larson - Wofford
Mitch Plombon - Winona St.
Levi Wylie - Park University

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