Basketball Training

Basketball Training

Development through Athletics (DTA) is an innovative game enhancement training program that helps athletes who are passionate about basketball take their game to the next level. Whether you are trying to move up from your 8th grade B team to the A team, or pursue professional basketball opportunities after college, DTA will work to enhance your skill level and get you to where you aspire to be.

Training Sessions

DTA offers a variety of training sessions each one is designed to fit specific needs of the client. All sessions are non-refundable with an expiration date of 90 days.

One on One

Our one on one workouts are geared toward client’s unique individual needs. First our trainers identify their strengths and weaknesses, then they put together a training plan to develop the client’s skills.

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One-on-One Training Packages Cost Equivalent Per Session Rate
Single Session $65 $65
5 Sessions $300 $60
10 Sessions $550 $55

(No Refund and All Sessions Expire After 90 Days of Purchased Date)

Small Groups Training

Our small group training program has been gaining popularity because of its unique game enhancement features. Group training allows athletes to build their skills and basketball IQ in game situations.

Youth 2nd - 4th Grade

Our youth group consists of 4-6 little Hooper's that will be put through a fun, highly successful workout that will introduce new information while building fundamental skills.

5th-12th Grade

Groups will be paired with a maximum of 4 athletes who have a similar skill level. The athlete’s age is not a factor in our rating system (with exceptions to High School). Athletes are assigned a training level by their athletic age, your basketball IQ and skill level. Athletes will periodically be reevaluated to determine if the athlete can advance.


Athletes will build on the fundamentals and develop necessary skills.


Athletes will expand their skill levels by applying learned skills into games.


Building on the foundations developed in the previous programs, the Competitive session will expand Basketball IQ and teach basketball concepts from multiple positions to develop a complete and well-rounded basketball player.

Elite (College/ High School Players only)

Athletes will obtain a high basketball IQ and execute advance skills at game speed.

Small Group Training Packages Cost Equivalent Per Session Rate
Single Session $40 $40
4 Session Package $144 $36
8 Session Package $256 $32
12 Session Package $336 $28
16 Session Package $384 $24

(No Refund and All Sessions Expire After 90 Days of Purchased Date)

Team Training

DTA has a few team options available to choose from and each option is designed for off-season. The team workout packages consist of a 4 or 6 session commitment for a 90 minute duration. Pricing is dependent on the number of players attending each session.

Perfect Shot Classes

Do you want to become a better shooter this Season? Do you need help with your form? Do you want to learn the 5 elements to shooting? DTA offers shooting classes every Friday. These classes will demonstrate the proper shooting mechanics to help athletes become better shooters.

Perfect Shot Class Packages Cost Equivalent Per Session Rate
Single Session $30 $30
5 Session Package $135 $27
10 Session Package $250 $25

(These rates only apply to the Perfect Shot Classes)

****Pro Training $150 for 90 minute Sessions****

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